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"They look totally beautiful together," Annette whispered, rolling into the arms of the tall, powerful athlete beside her, and spreading her legs. Here we say goodbye to the Italian beauty. I've fought with the muses over her, bemused by doing so because on the one hand, I offer the same immortality as other real characters, but, on the other, no greater symbol of the nice girl and the good girl exists than the hands-down star of The Mickey Mouse club in its original version. Sometimes the muses win, so she stays, the one character I'd apologize to, if the issue ever came up. You know Rudolph, of course, so he needs no introduction here and I can come right out and tell you that the nosey one wanted a Shirley Temple story, plus one about Haley Mills. Muses often lose, so Rudolph with your nose so bright, take yourself on a polar flight; go fantasize over the elves or something, and if I need you in December, I'll be sure to ring. What if he'd said Liz? Nah, but then there's little Ruthie on "7th Heaven", free nude lolitta portal and her ultimate thirteen year old brother, the very blond Simon. Ruthie is a solid body nine year old with a cute and winsome face, and a quick, smart pair of eyes to match her silver tongue. The family is off tending to contiguous messes caused by Matt and Mary, televisions poster teens for the euthanasia movement. The mildly handsome, quasi athletic father is in his office working at the church's ledger. "Dad," the girl says through a crack in the heavy door of the old house, "can I talk to you?" "Sure, doll," Mike (?) Camden said, and the girl entered, closing the door behind her. "Can I lock it?" she asked. "If you want," her father replied, "but I think Simon's the only one here." "I know, Dad," the girl said, crossing the carpet and sitting in her father's lap "What's up, Lily, or Tiger, I never know with you." "I may be `goat' when I tell you what happened," the slightly husky child responded. "If you're following your moronic older sister one inch in the next ten years, you'll be a sacrificial goat. Remember, I'm licensed by the state to perform rituals at an altar." "It's not Mary," Ruthie said, unable to keep a giggle from her voice in spite of her serious demeanor. "Matt's even cheesier than she is," Mike said, a hint of warning in her voice. "Two strikes," the girl said. She was dressed loli pic bbs in a skirt and blouse and had come barefoot into the office "Take a little heat off the ball, and give me a hint." "Okay," the girl said, standing, turning, and sitting back on her father's knees, "it's not the senior morons, and it's not Lucy, who has more of a good side, which it would be impossible not to do, but who could go either way, so who does that leave, and make it reasonably intelligent by not saying the twins or Mom." "I have some figures in the calculator," Mike said, looking down at his desk, "but if I just rough it out in my head, it comes out to you and Simon." "Dad," the girl said softly, now shy and hanging her head, "neither one of us was stalking the other, okay, it wasn't planned in any way. Neither one of us knew a bbs foto loli thing about it even a minute before it started. Lawyers like to talk about intent, and there was no intent. Not on his part, and not on mine, okay?" "I hope you left some money in the bank for the rest of the town," Rev. Camden said, stroking his daughter's brow and trying to comfort her. "It was a crime of passion, not greed," the girl said. "Sweetheart, I didn't mean to tease," the father said. "I know," the girl sniffled, "and I know you're just trying to defend yourself from knowing what I'm talking about. Any father would feel the same about a girl my age. Want to think she's always playing with dolls, skipping rope, and doing her homework. But it didn't happen that way, this time, with me. I mean I still like those things, tea parties and the whole bit, but there's more to me now, in a way, literally, but more spiritually, which is exactly the wrong word, but the only one I know, because it's nothing in any hymn book, and the bible avoids it like a hot potato, but it's still about ten times stronger than any feeling I ever had about anyone or anything but you, and that includes God." "I knew I shouldn't have bought you guys that chemistry set," Mike whispered, realizing he was prevaricating but unable to think of anything he could do other than try for a lighter tone. She was alive and obviously healthy, a good starting point. "It wasn't chemistry, it was an atomic explosion," the girl said, herself realizing her father probably did know where she was going with her story and was trying to ease the burden. "And you've come to ask for ultra-dark glasses," Mike said, "the kind you can only find in catalogs?" "My eyes don't need protection," the girl replied, "but my belly might, in a couple of years, anyway " "From?" "The guys with the big heads and eel tails," the girl whispered shyly, hanging her head. "Simon's guys. His sperms. They can't do anything to me now, but when I get to be ten or eleven it will be different." "What do you think, Dad?" the girl asked. "That it's worth trying," Mike said, "I made sure everything was hands-off with Mary; virginity this, chastity that, morality and decency from morning to night, and she turned out to be a self-involved criminal. Matt wanted to go on a camping trip with his art teacher when he was in junior high; I loli muvies wouldn't let him because the teacher profiled: bachelor, artistic, had been attached to effeminate boys in the past, according to the usually-accurate rumor mill. No trip, and he was never the same after that. So if you and Simon can find something better, you have my guarded approval." "Dad," the eight year old said, "it's just about us in the beginning. There's more." "There is?" Mike said. "Quite a bit," the girl said with the hint of a smile. "Such as?" "Lucy," the girl whispered. "She doesn't like Matt and Simon's too young," Mike said. "You," Ruthie whispered, staring into his eyes, "her gentle, generous, handsome, wonderful father." Subject broached, the minister could not help thinking of his vivacious second daughter in terms of elwebbs loli her high breasts and sculpted belly and waist. "Lucy," he whispered. "Yes," the girl said, "after I've taught you that it feels normal and natural even lloliita though incest is like squawk-one." "I'll try remembering that for Sunday," Mike said, "the floors need varnishing and that would be a good way to clear the flock for the painters." "When Simon pinched that mosquito on my neck," the girl responded, "it was like lightning came down through the roof. Lots of it. If you could catch that in some kind of bottle, the painters would have to tunnel into the basement and work in the middle of the night." "A common fault of philosophies over the ages," the minister said, "is that they allowed no deviation. A and B and C equaled D, always, no ifs, ands, or buts. That's in the academic and abstract, utopian, and the closer believers came, the more harshly they suffered and the more pointlessly they suffered, for their ideals were without truth or merit, so reaching them further removed you from those realms. There has to be room for the wildness of man, his feral and passionate side, otherwise we might as well be plastic pins beset upon by plastic bowling balls. If you and Simon have discovered that over a mosquito, you'll be getting extra lessons in restraint and self-denial as you grow up, and, since you're both highly attractive and likeable children, probably spectacular rewards when the right opportunity comes along." "That was brilliant," Ruthie said, staring into her father's gentle eyes, "but academic and evasive. There's only one way you can learn how natural if feels, a, to be with a child, and, b, to have that child be your flesh and blood biological, full-time, every day, all day, natural-born daughter. Add that the daughter is soaking wet from her thirteen year old brother, and poof, there goes the academic, and if you can evade it, I can't, and I sure as hell don't want to, nor will Lucy once she and her kid-sister have had their private, intimate, and graphic girl's talk. End of my little speech." "I do love you kind of madly," Mike whispered to his little girl. "And there's more," the girl said, "much more so if you have any more aplomb stored up, you might want to summon it so you can maintain some kind of cool when I tell you the biggest of the big news, in fact, probably the biggest news in any family in the state for the last twenty years. Mount Everest is big, this news is bigger." "Whether you mean to or not," the reverend said, "you're beginning to get me curious, because I know you're smart enough to know I won't marry you and your brother, and otherwise I'm drawing a blank." "Okay," the eight year old said, "to the chase. It all goes, in Simon's mind and mine, something like this. Lucy's a mature female, as much woman as girl, and, not to put too fine a point on it, she's definitely old enough to get pregnant," `I don't thing the gynecological community is likely to devote an issue of their journal to news like that," Mike said. "Daddy," the youngster said, "she's going to get pregnant with you. Her sexy tummy is going to bulge and swell with her daughter and her granddaughter, her girl will be my sister and my niece, that part's complicated, but making it happen isn't. She's got a pretty face and a body that begs for a man so fluently even girls think she's awesome. Three girls at her school who had notes from doctors to get out of gym suddenly got a whole lot better when Lucy started using the locker room. She's va-va-voom and zoom, zoom, zoom in one package, and she's a virgin. "I don't want anything happening under false pretenses, a-la my eldest brother and sister. I want her to have a baby here not because it's romantic, everything is to a girl my age, but for a big, hard, unavoidable, and practical reason. To keep her here at home. Here with us. Pinned to the family, so she doesn't wift here and waft there, helter-skelter and topsy-turvy like Biff and Happy Loman, and to give the twins someone to be big shots to, and because you're getting too scattered all over the place, you and Mom, both, with culturalism, when familyism is pretty obviously more important, at least in this household at this point in time." "How madly, I can't exactly tell," the man mused. "I'm wet from the loins, the long, slim, coltish loins, I might add, of your beautiful son," the girl whispered, "maybe that will help you find out." "Oh, baby, we'll try," the man whispered reaching for Ruthie's collar and bringing her face to him. "Did your brother kiss you," he whispered, as he unbuttoned her blouse. "No," the girl said, "I guess we didn't think of it." "It's not a thinking man's moment," Mike concurred, "being with a girl as beautiful as you are, and you're sexier than that, it's a wonder he could function at all." "Imagine me with big, high breasts, Daddy," Ruthie said, "and that's Lucy." "And you'd have me spoil that figure?" the man said, separating the fabric of his kitten's blouse and staring at her vividly swollen nipples. "Tell me how your brother touched you," he coaxed. "On my tummy first," the girl said, guiding her father's fingers, "but he was looking where you are." The child's body was creamy white and soft, neither slim nor even slightly fat, but rather full and solid, especially her chest where the slight heaviness of her build made her light pink nipples stand out like the growing breasts of an adolescent female. "Did you talk while this was happening?" Mike asked. "Yes," Ruthie answered, arching to her father's stare and lacing her finger behind her neck in an overt display of welcome. "He asked me if anyone had touched me before because he wanted to find out if I was experienced. I said I saw you and Mom making love once, but I didn't see your penis, and nothing had happened with me. I asked him the same question and he told me he had a secret to tell me." "Tell me from the beginning, love," the father whispered. "What are you doing?" Ruthie asked, looking up from her text book. "I was trying to kill a mosquito without splattering blood all over you," Simon said, "sorry." "It made me feel funny when you touched me," the girl said, "I don't mean bad." "Me, too," the young, blond teen said, his voice suddenly low and husky.. "Do you want to try it again?" the eight year old asked, "you could just pretend about the bug." "Okay," the boy said, reaching with his right hand to the young female's neck, just under her left ear. "I must have a special spot there, it feels electric," the girl said. "Do you want me to try somewhere else?" the boy asked. "What if it's you, and not the spot?" the girl wanted to know. "I don't know," Simon answered. "We better find out,:" Ruthie said, "otherwise I'll lie awake tonight thinking about it." "I will, too," her brother said, his voice still husky as an older male's. Gently he traced his right index finger across the back of his sister's neck, stopping after a moment. free lolitta sex movie "How about here?" he asked. "Try going away from my spine," the girl suggested, her own voice unrecognizable to her. Simon traced back under her left ear to her throat and paused again. "That was a waste of time," the girl said, "I knew right away it was you, preteen lolitta ass fucked not some nervous disorder, but I did want to be absolutely, positively sure." "So you'd feel something where... I mean...?" "Wherever," the girl said in her dusky voice, "On my toes or my nose," anywhere. "Don't you think I better try touching you?" "If we're going to get any sleep," the boy agreed, removing his hand from his sister. The girl stared at the beautiful young male, then reached to a spot under his right ear. "Another waste of lolicon images adult time," Simon said, adding: "The best surprise is no surprise." "What does it mean?" Ruthie asked, "I'm only eight. I can't be feeling big-girl things." "I know about it," her brother responded, "and age doesn't matter. When the feelings come, they charge in like cavalry, and you might as well fight them with a deck of cards. But it has to be the right time and the right place in order to keep the sidewalks clear of fornicators." "How did you find out so much?" the pretty child asked. "It's kind of secret and embarrassing," the boy replied. "Was it with a girl?" Ruthie asked. "That's the secret part," Simon said. "If you had the feelings you have to tell me about it," the girl said, "or we could keep doing it, and that way maybe I could find out from experience." "Do you want to do both?" the young teen asked. "Yes," the girl said, "but you've got to lead. All I know is from the dolls at school and the boy one that's big, and when I saw Mom and Dad, I was too embarrassed to watch them until Dad cummed in her, even though I knew what was happening and that's what he was going to do." "I got experience for three hours," Simon said, "but it wasn't with a girl, it was with an older boy. One of Matt's ex-friends, which means he was really nice. While he was teaching me, he told me about his little sister, she's only six, that's why I know age doesn't fight the feelings any more than the two of clubs could fight a hundred mounted bravos with John Wayne as Bravo One." "Was he cute?" the girl asked. "Yes," the boy answered, "but not in the cheesy, city-boy way Matt tries to be, he was on the swim team and had short hair and no earrings or tattoos or anything. He had a another sister, a dorky one who thought Matt was cute, so they arranged a swap and Kerry ended up spending the evening." "Did you get naked with him right away, or did he talk to you first?" Ruthie asked. "We had both had the same feelings we got when I touched your neck," the boy answered, "but we were both guys, so it wasn't so embarrassing to take our clothes off and look at each other. After that, I sat in his lap, with my back to him, and he started touching me until I relaxed and lay back against him, then he molested me while I asked him questions about Rachel, his younger sister.." "Can we do it that way?" the perky child asked, quickly unbuttoning her blouse and standing to face the thirteen year old, a head taller than she. "Yes," Simon said in his strained voice. He quickly stripped to his underpants and the two children stood a foot from each other staring down at their bodies. "Take my panties off," the girl coaxed, and her brother knelt and as she twirled her fingers gently in his bond hair, slowly pulled her tiny thong to the ground. He remained kneeling for a minute, gently tracing the fingers of both hands over Ruthie's soft, childish belly and the creamy soft skin of her upper thighs. Slowly, shakily, the long-legged colt stood. His sister knelt in front of him, her hands on his waist, and pulled his white cotton underpants down past his knees. His man-sized penis slapped hard against his belly, then she had him completely naked and he spread his legs, thrusting gently to the curious girl, now standing close in front of him. She reached him with her tiny hands, and, looking into his eyes for approval, then bowing her head to stare, slowly skinned back the foreskin of his big, thick penis. "I've got to sit," Simon whispered, lowering to his be and guiding the naked girl to his lap so he could stare at her perfect young breasts and touch her belly and thighs. "Tell me what happened to you when you visited Matt's," the girl coaxed. "Do you want a lot of details?" the handsome boy asked, now tracing his fingers over Ruthie's berry-size light pink nipples and fondling her fullness that could have been that of a slightly husky male child. "Yes," the girl whispered, "I don't think a dozen girl talks equal one boy talk in a case like this." "It was pretty clinical," the boy said, "I mean when they talk about bodily fluids on television, it's usually off of microscopes and trace evidence, so you get thinking in terms of a drop of this and a dab of that, so the first thing I have to tell you is that that's not what really happens." "I'm assuming," Ruthie said, "and I'll remain a happy girl while you molest me if I keep assuming there's a second thing you'll be telling me." "I was warning you," Simon said, "because it gets very wet and messy with boys. You have to be definitely in the mood for it, really want it to happen, then it's hot and sexy, but if you weren't, you know, because I'm your brother or something, then we should be really careful and we should get a lolits foto damp washcloth from the bathroom to clean up before you get grossed out." "Did you use a washcloth with Kerry?" the sister asked. "We didn't need one," the boy replied. "What did you use if it was so wet and messy?" the child wanted to know. "That's another embarrassing part," the boy said, blushing. "It's okay to keep anything private you want," the girl said softly, I'm just curious, I didn't mean to get nosy." "Do you feel a little wild?" Simon asked, "because if you do, I think I can tell you, but if you're just curious, it might be better if I didn't." "If you want wild, keep it a secret," the girl said. "Okay," the boy said looking up from her breasts to her eyes, "but it's about as graphic as it gets. We licked it off each other with our tongues. We were lying on our backs in bed, Kerry on my left side with his right leg over my left leg. He taught me what boys do, and we did it side by side." "Show me how boys do it," the girl said. Simon took her hands from his chest, where she'd been emulating his touch of her, and cautiously placed them on his big, circumcised penis. He showed her how to grip with her left down low on his six-inch shaft, and how to use the fingers of her right hand to wet him with seminal fluid and to masturbate him. Several times he used his own hand to teach her the rhythm, whispering, "this is what we did while we were on the bed and he was telling me about Rachel. If boys stay excited for a long time, the, you know, what they talk about in health science, the sperm really builds up in them, and he told me all the details about his little sister spending the weekend at his apartment, it happened a year ago, when he was eighteen, when they had a family emergency, you know, like everybody fussing over Mary's latest screw-up, today." "Tell me from the beginning," Ruthie said, "and don't leave anything out, because I have something to tell you, too, and you wouldn't want me to use shortcuts." hot loli pics "He asked me about you," Simon said, "he's seen us together at the mall, so that was the first topic of conversation after Matt left and we were sitting on his bed trying not to stare at each other. He said he thought you looked really cute and he asked about how close we are. His voice got croaky, and then I didn't even have to look at him to be excited, just listening to him did it." "When did this happen?" Ruthie asked. "Last Friday," Simon said. "And now it's a week later?" the girl said. "This is the first time the house has been empty," the boy said, "except Dad's working in the office, but he won't take a break until seven or so." "So there was no mosquito?" she said, giggling. "It depends how Zen you want to get about it," the boy replied, "if I wanted there to be one badly enough, for a good enough reason, then I earned the right for there to be one, and I thought touching you like that would be a way to see if you were receptive, or if you just thought of me as a brother." "That's clever enough to have a Jesuit provenance," the eight year old said. "Where the motive is extreme, behavior can't be far behind," the boy responded. "I thought necessity was the mother of invention, not invitation," Ruthie said. "As long as it wasn't intervention," Simon noted. "It wasn't," the particularly bright child said, "resurrection would be closer. I mean, sure, I'm a happy kid, but I don't see how seeing you naked, and letting you see me naked, and touching you like this, and feeling what you're doing with my breasts could fail to make me, a, happier, and, b, more content, aware, and satisfied that I'm not missing out on some colossal great mystery because of this code or that convention " "So many kids do stuff it almost is conventional," the thirteen year old observed. "That won't last," the girl said, "everyone's getting so fat in a few years no one will want to do anything with anybody." "Some would say the country is overdue for a change in moral climate and the standards of decency," the thirteen year old said, "so god should finally end up a satisfied customer." "The interfering prick should be boiled in his own oil," the girl said, endearing herself her big brother if she hadn't already done so, "one slip from grace, and you pay with the odd billion years of torment. Princes of the church as princes of mayhem. Crash through this, upset that, and end up with the likes of Mary as a believer." "Kerry and I talked about the same stuff," Simon said, "and when decency and morality came up as subjects, he told me about Rachel. How she wanted them to pretend they were married for the weekend. He tried to fend her off as just a little kid, but she stuck to her guns, and after awhile he realized he'd be hurting her by not partnering her." "That hits my secret right on the head," Ruthie whispered, "I was going to wait until you told me everything about them being together, and all the details of you and Kerry, since we've got until seven, but I'd rather tell you now." "What?" the brother asked. "It has to do with what you were just talking about," the girl said, "acts of omission. Not doing something that's needed because of ignorant laws in dated books." "Such as?" the boy said, helping her along. "Such as our one not totally bonkers and gonzo sister," Ruthie said, "about trying to keep her from chipping off like paint from a bridge maintained under the liberal ruling class, and floating down into the river to go through the propeller of a speed boat, about making her stick here, where she's safe." loli 12yr lsit bbs "Shackles and chains are only for a certain type of magazine," the boy noted. "I'm not talking about that kind of stuff," the girl said, "but something more magnetic; something that will so strongly attract her good side that she'll respond to it instead of all the neurotic claptrap and flummery she's going to run into with that face and that awesome body if she keeps bouncing off things." "I'm with you on the end," the quiet, handsome boy said, "but what do you propose as the means?" "Our father. Dad," the girl whispered softly. "What do you mean?" Simon asked, his voice as hushed as the girl's. "A baby," Ruthie said, "from him. Something here, full and complete, unarguably compelling, for her to attach herself to. If you were older, I'd want it to be yours, and if I was older, and male, I'd want it to be mine, but the way things are, and they're better than they should be, it's up to our nice, handsome dad. And he has to do it, Simon," the girl said forcefully, "he has to, or she's a gone goose, and he'll be responsible because he'll be the last person who could have prevented the inevitable.." "What do you think Mom would say?" the boy asked. "What could she?" the girl lolitta picture replied, "she's not going to break up all of us because of anything. She likes Ned Borman, she can have a ripping affair with nights of unbridled passion with him, not to get back at Dad or us, but just to be fully her. That should level the playing field." "And there wouldn't be a financial side," the mature boy said, "because sooner or later Lucy's going to eat us alive with legal or medical fees. Probably both." "I never thought of that," the girl said, her eyes glowing at her brother's full acceptance of what some might have considered to be a cockamamie scheme. "Then," Simon went on, flattered by his sister's avid attention, "when she's twenty-five or twenty-six, she can tell her big secret to the man she likes the best, and not only offer him her own lurid past, but a presumably pretty ten-year-old daughter, guaranteed to keep a presumably older, more stable, and wealthier man within whispering distance." "Especially if her beautiful uncle teachers her,' the girl concurred, "only I hope he's not lolicon tgp video insensitive enough to make her wait until she's my age. I would have loved it if you'd touched me when I was Rachel's age, maybe even younger." "Kerry had to be really careful with her," Simon said, "especially because she wanted to wake up their first morning together with his `seeds' swimming in her belly. kiddy lolicon He thought she was too small for him to mount the way a boy takes a mature girl, so he had to do special things, you know, what I was doing to myself when I was teaching you how to do what you're doing with me now." cute teen nude loli "Masturbate?" the girl whispered. "Yes," Simon panted, "with just a little of him inside her, mostly just holding himself against her and using his, you know, penis to masturbate her while he stroked himself." "Was it successful for them?" the child wanted to know. "They finally found a position with her legs against his chest where it was comfortable for both of them, and she could look down and watch what he was doing," the brother explained, "then, in a few minutes, he was a male inside her. She felt what was happening, and saw his seed pouring out from around his penis, and she grabbed him with her legs and arms and thrust up with her hips as hard as she could, and the rest of Kerry's sperm went all the way inside her where she wanted it." "What happened afterwards?" the female asked, panting like the male. "He took her skateboarding so she's have a reason to limp," Simon explained, "then he bought her a colossal bear, so she'd have a reason to be smiling all the time." "How long were you in bed with Kerry before it got really exciting?" Ruthie asked, only her shining eyes hinting that she found her brother to be the doll of living dolls. "It sort of went in stages," Simon explained, "we'd get almost excited enough, then stop and talk more, then masturbate and look at each other again. We did that five or six times then he told me about washing her hair in the bathtub, just before he took her in on his bed, and he said he wasn't going to stop, but for me to hold back until it happened to him, because it was better for the teacher to spray before his paradise loli student did." "Could you do that?" the boy asked. "It was hard," Simon admitted, "because she'd been pretty obvious about what she wanted, even before she spent the weekend with him, so, when she asked him to wash her hair while she was in the tub, he got naked in his room and went bbs lolit top 100 into the bathroom with a big boner, and he's circumcised, so it looked my dramatic than I do. Then he told me about washing her all over with soapy water, and letting her practice kissing with him, and her pulling him in the tub with her so they were both naked and slippery, and what her body felt like when he molested her, and the way she breathed when she lay back in the tub and put her right leg up over the side so he could touch her and teach her how female's masturbate, then drying her off, and then she suddenly took it into her head to see if she could make him bigger and harder if she sucked on him, because she'd heard the word at school, and was able to put two and two together, so lolicon sex movies she knelt on the footstool she used for the bathroom sink, and he leaned against the wall, and she started taking him into her mouth, and that's when I saw his sperm start showering and watched him get all wet from it, then I thought of what Rachel must have felt like when he touched her between her legs, and I started cumming all over my belly and chest. We lay panting together for a minute, then he started licking my sperm off my belly and chest and face, and he lay back so I could experiment with doing it to him, then we fell asleep for an hour and woke up just in time to get dressed because Matt was back." How many of you caught the subtle tease? Another layer. You must have had it in mind. Here we go, again. But no, we did not get the standard minute-by-minute account of Kerry undoing the button's of his sister's frock, getting her ready for the tub, of the scent of strawberries in her golden blond hair, nor a complete description liking her to the Brady's little Cindy. We did not hear her coo, "Oh, babe," when the male teen entered the bathroom, stood for a minute as he arched and displayed, then crossed the room and knelt by the bathtub. Barely glossed over were the feelings in Kerry's right hand lolit list porn as the girl emulated his display, linking her tiny fingers behind her neck and arching in welcome as he found her tiny pink nipples and gently massaged her taut chest with warm, soapy water. We only have the gist of the conversation about the following morning, where the real dialogue concerned her friend, Wendy Neils, who was the one who told Rachel about what would be left deep in her tummy after she'd been with a mature boy. The long time he spent drying her is unrecorded, as well as their play wrestling on the floor with the towel and without it. Although it may be assumed by the reader, the urgency and deliberation of the six year old as she led her brother to his bedroom are missing from the script. Other lost details include Kerry's second long, hot cum deep in his sister's avid mouth, and the way he lay behind her as she slept, masturbating gently after thoroughly wetting himself on the child's slick thighs, and, because she was sore, her mouth once again deliberate and purposeful on him as he awoke. That's a lot of missing material, leading my ego to wonder if I leave out more than other writers put in. Why not try to make the essays interesting? I said to myself lolicon paradise recently. If they no longer constitute a respite, wouldn't it be smart to liven them up, for my own sake, if not the reader, or leave them out? Well, we've just seen what happens when something gets left out of the novel, so the second idea is not a good one. For example, Randy dropped by a couple of hours ago, and, guaranteed, you're not going to want that one left out. My first new lover since Clarence over two years ago. Because of Bev's being hospitalized I didn't give him any money on Friday. So today he came over, by himself, and I explained what had happened. He came in the bedroom and pulled the chair close, as I sat on the bed. I gave him twenty dollar, instead of the ten he needs for art supplies, and asked him if he wanted to go. He smiled and shook his head. I reached for him and he stood quickly and came to me. I slid my hands up under his basketball jersey, and he came willingly to be kissed. We made out for ten minutes, then I ran my right hand up inside his shorts, finding his still child-size erection. We experimented with touching for a few minutes, and I took him for another minute in the classic pedophile's stance, standing behind him and leaning over to fondle him and slide my fingers into the waist band of his shorts. I asked him again if he wanted to go and he said he was watching Kira so he had to. We chatted for a moment, made a date for lunch tomorrow, with Samantha, and xxx kinder loli he left. He kisses so aggressively, we may partner orally, something I've never experienced with a juvenile. I haven't seen him naked yet, but he can come over to use the shower, so that's a possibility. I'm not particularly mercenary about things, in general, but until Samantha is ready to spend the night, it's nice to have something coming my way in response to the vast amount going the other way, and a twelve year old who's perhaps three pounds overweight would do wonders at balancing trade, if that's what it is. I've never watched a male go through puberty, from child to boy. Jose was mature when I met him at the age of fourteen, and Stephen was the same boyish four inches, though he had wet cums, when I met him at age eleven as he was when he was thirteen. This, alone, should help the essays. Samantha and I are becoming less intimate as time goes on. One of her neighbors is doing a beautiful job with her hair, festooning her with pig tails and berets to great effect, but I don't want her to lie down and muss up such pretty creations, so we retrograde. No problem as she's dazzling when she's all primped up, and it's more fun to look than to nap. Bev is actually back, apparently somewhat better. Love her as I do, she's an abject argument against socialized medicine, paying no taxes yet frequently going to the hospital for this problem and that, while making no effort to take care of herself. Philosophically, I believe in very strictly rationed socialized medicine as a worthwhile adjunct to a successful society. Clinical intervention with children, especially, can pay dividends that far outweigh the cost, not even counting the humanistic side of the equation, but the self-abuse oriented, malingerers and hypochondriacs have to be weeded out and barred from most of the system. There's a classic discussion of the issue on "The Golden Girls" when Dorothy comes down with transient malaise. As the script is written by the socialist guild, yes, in the last act, a particularly dedicated doctor who happens to have read the latest issue of a particular journal recognizes her symptoms as a legitimate disorder. That's about one in a thousand, with the balance of clinical crusaders driving everyone crazy with phantom this, hysterical that, and bi-polar everything. Such patients need an hour or two at Auschwitz in January to gain perspective, insight, and other facets of a personal creed relevant to World One, Beverly Kelly and Tom Emerson, included. (Though I'm too disabled by chronic phlebitis to even look for a job, I've never filed for SSI because I have a modest private income and don't need it.) I don't know if you need things sorted out, but I do. Technically, we're at an essay within and essay within an essay, a short preamble leading to my interpretation of the Camden family of the television show, "7th Heaven", in which the present editorial intervention occurs. Even before this tangent, the novel had become tangled with Raul's story, told to Francisco and ten-year-old Tina leading to a succession of others. Since there's no glib or expedient way to write myself out of the lobster trap, we may as well get back to Simon and Ruthie, who have taken a break from their homework to discuss family affairs. "Simon," Ruthie whispered softly to her brother, looking down at her hand stroking his beautiful, long penis, "I've got something more to tell you, more than just about Lucy, though it has to do with Lucy." "What?" her brother asked, his voice soft and receptive. "I don't know quite how to say it," the girl mused, "but it has to do with getting Dad ready to be with her. I think I can talk her into it by telling her how natural it feels with you, but him, I'm not so sure of. Just because I think it's his responsibility to try doesn't mean he will." "Darling," Simon said, softly, "I read something once that might give you an answer, but it's pretty grown-up." "So is sitting in your lap completely naked," the girl noted. "What I read," Simon went on, "is that if a male knows a female has another male's seed in her, a natural instinct kicks in for the present male to dominate the past male in a biological sense, not go hit him with a club, but inseminate the female more completely than he would if she had not been with another." "Are you thinking the same thing I am?" the girl asked. "I think," the thirteen year old whispered very softly, "if you go to him wet from me, you'll overcome his hang-ups and open Lucy's bedroom door to him." "If I go falling in love with you," the girl said, her eyes bright with tears, "I won't want to be with anyone else for any reason and Lucy can do what she wants." "He's done a thousand more things for you than I have," the boy said, "and he keeps in shape, and he's cute enough to pass, and you're eight, so it's unlikely only one male is going to respond to how nice and beautiful you are, and out of them, there's bound to be a handful who you want to hold in your arms and feel inside your body." "Making me love you more is not exactly helping," the girl said. "I think you understand," Simon reassured the child, "you're smarter than Einstein's whip, and, unlike your older sisters, you're balanced enough to handle some super special privileges and take them for what they are, without looking for deep ends." lolitta hard core "Ignorance is meant to be bliss," the girl said, using her left hand to dab her eyes as she continued gently stroking her brother's rigid penis. Do you think they mean it will be bliss for our family to ignore part of what we've been brought up to believe?" "I'd interpret it a little differently, " Simon said, "that ignorance of reprisals allows people transient pleasures, like if you're ignorant of a certain tax law, you might have more money, until they caught up with you. In other words, it's more derisive than didactic." "I'll bet we both got it wrong," the girl ls lolit said, now giggling softly, "and it really doesn't have a rational meaning." "But you just proved my point," the boy teased, "because dismissing it makes you happy. Ignorance is bliss." "I'll certainly be happy to ignore that," the female observed, then looked back into her brother's eyes. "Put a pillow on the floor for my bottom," she whispered. "Yes, darling," angels loli teen the male responded, as Ruthie stood, holding him gently with both hands. "Someday I want to spend a whole evening slow dancing with you," she said, leading the teen to the head of his bed where he pulled back the spread and retrieved one of his pillow's. Giggling a little, she continued her dance, that was not going to last a fraction of the evening, and they settled to their knees, his hands on her breast, hers still masturbating him to the extent his beautiful eyes remained focused. She lay back, wriggling on the pillow, and spread her legs widely, rising her hips "Do you want my legs against your chest the Rachel was when she let Kerry mount her?" the girl asked as the free lolicon movies videos beautiful teen boy moved in between her legs and stared down into her wide, brave eyes. "Yes," Simon whispered, and Ruthie drew up her knees, holding them at the backs as her brother moved gently on top of her. In a few moments the athletic girl was comfortable, the backs of her legs firm against her teenage brother's beautiful, smooth chest. She reached to his shoulders and looked into his eyes as she felt his first touches as he began thrusting experimentally between her outstretched legs. Neither hurried, the male not becoming urgent, the female not giving directions. Silently, their bodies moved together, and Ruthie could tell her brother was learning quickly from his mistakes, narrowing in, becoming quickly practiced in finding better relationships between their two young bodies. When he found her, she didn't gasp or tense, just looked happily into his eyes with a sense of inevitability showing in hers. Simon also tried his best to control the explosive feelings of finding the yielding, soft center of her wetness, but his body trembled in spite of his most manly efforts at self control. He hadn't paid a hundred dollars for her, she was his, any way she wanted, for life. It wasn't that he looked forward to lying on his deathbed replaying again and again of his sister yielding to him, he'd just knew he'd hate to lie there without remembering her carefully restrained wriggling as he assured himself of his mastery of her, and very slowly and very smoothly he raped the eight year old as she lay with her legs high against his panting chest, her hands on his shaking shoulders, peering intently into his burning eyes with her burning eyes. "I have another secret to tell you," Ruthie whispered in a shaky, husky voice as she looked down and saw Simon had taken her fully. "It would be good to whisper about something," the boy said, "so I can stay inside you longer." "I just thought of this while I was trying not to concentrate on how you felt coming inside me," the girl said, and we've done the best we can with spelling in this case, so I wouldn't start bucking against you, the way I wanted to, and still want to, and make you lose control." "What is it?" the boy asked, also anxious for any diversion to the warm, wet tightness of the eight year old's eager young body. "I want to make one last try with Matt," the girl said, "get him to cut that Michael Landon wanna-be poof of hair, drop a few pounds, and a list of other things, any one of lolicon freesites which is probably insurmountable. Plus," she added, "I sort of got the idea when you were pointing out why I should be with Dad." "What is it?" Simon asked. "I want to visit him some night, like you did last Friday, and take him in the bathroom, and lean him against the wall, and do what Rachel did with Kerry, but all the way, with both of us naked, until it happens in my mouth. If John's there, I'll want him to come in the bathroom after Matt, because, even if I'm not much into the novel, I want to have an experience with an adult black male." "Ruthie," Simon says, "Kerry had a huge amount of cum, it splashed all over both of us and all around on the bed and the wall. If Matt and John have as much do you think you'd want to swallow it down your throat, or let it drool out from between your lips?" Neither child had chosen wisely when it came to diversionary conversation, and their tensing and panting quickly taught them discretion was the better part of ardor, so they yielded to whispered endearments and lay rigid and still staring into each other's eyes every time the male rose on his arms to look into the girl's contented face. "This feels most natural of all," she whispered, "totally and completely as a full and generous reward for both of us being pretty nice kids." "I'm glad we were no better," Simon whispered, "any more reward and the ceremony would be over before you could count to fifty-eight." "Will it last a long time when it starts happening?" the girl asked, passionate enough not to fear intruding where angels would fear to tread. "It lasted about a minute with Kerry, and mine started just as he began to flow instead of spray high up in the air, and I guess that was about a minute, too." "I wonder if I'll feel as much as lolipop nude Rachel did?" the girl said. "I don't think so," the boy replied, "you're more mature than she was, and I'm less mature than Kerry, so the clinical argument says No." "Good," the girl said, "because I want to live through it, and I'm in another world already, just having you almost still inside me. If I know you're doing what Dad's going to do to get Lucy pregnant, I may stay there." "Think about our sneaking out on the roof," Simon suggested, "and listening just outside her window. Maybe even peeking in. Try to live for that." "Don't move and I'll survive," the eight year old advised. "I'll try to hold completely still," Simon whispered, lying gently on the child's bare chest with his arms under her shoulders. "I want to see like Rachel did," the girl whispered kindly. "If I'm still alive, you will," the male said, "besides, I want to see, too, because I think you're beautiful all over." "I'll try to talk Dad into taking a candle into Lucy's room," Ruthie said, "and if we get lucky maybe we'll be able to see what happens between them, and it's been ten days or so from her last period, so we could even be witnesses to her getting inseminated." "Ruthie?" Simon asked, shaking and panting more vigorously, but still almost motionless inside his sister's vagina. "What?" she said, sweating and heaving beneath his tall, coltish body, her legs and arms now tentatively experimenting with holding his male body to her female body, without wriggling enough to end his hot, hard presence deep inside her." "If you were in the shower, and Lucy came in behind you, would you let lolicon i am fool her wash your hair?" "Yes," the girl said, "I think she's so beautiful. I'd turn around so I could see her breasts, and touch her, and if she led me into the bedroom, I'd hold her hand and go with her." "Have you ever felt that about another girl?" the boy asked. "No," she said, "how about you. Would you let another boy hot lolitta watch you do what you did while you were lying beside Kerry?" "Same here," Simon answered, "he was just right. I mean, I'd never say never, but just that you're the only person in the world I want to make love with, though, if I was five year older, Lucy would be on my list." "You aren't a total freak just because you're thirteen," the girl noted, "so who knows, maybe someday you'll feel her big breasts high up on your beautiful young male chest. Maybe you could even be the one to father her daughter." "Like this," the boy whispered very softly. "Oh," the girl whispered, then froze for a long moment, her arm's and legs turning to iron clamping against the slim male. "How Rachel survived an adult, I'll never know," she managed to whisper, her body seizing and quaking from the hard, hot pulses repeating deep up inside her every few seconds. "Don't cum," the boy whispered, "that way you can still be partly a virgin with Dad." "If you can stay still just for a few seconds, it will pass," the girl whispered. With a grunt the boy planted his arms and rose high above his sister. She released his with her legs and spread them widely on the floor, gazing slackly at her waist and the pool of semen slicking her lower belly and thighs. The masculinity of the sight sent shudder after hard shudder ru lolit photos through her immature body, but the girl gripped her brother's shoulders with half a death grip, and she shook off the overpowering orgasm stalking her like ten tigers. "Oh, babe," she sighed when she felt his pulsing still, and he settled back against her bare chest. "Put a skirt and blouse on, but no panties, and go to Dad right away," the boy said, freeing the child from under his body and helping her to her feet. She stared into his eyes, her hand on the doorknob. "Someday," she promised, "and probably today, I'm going to kiss you." He smiled at her, and watched mesmerized, as she walked naked down the hall and turned into her own room. "I don't want to cum with you, either, Dad," the girl whispered. Mike had stripped as Ruthie told her story, displayed to the child, his full, thick, circumcised penis jutting at a high angle from the light matting of crinkly black hair covering his chest and trailing down to the fiercer matting surrounding his jutting penis and full, adult balls. As the girl talked, he'd sat back in his chair and his daughter had climbed onto his lap, facing him so she could stare into his sharp, gray eyes as she wriggled between his hands and he lowered her fully onto himself, hugging her bare chest gently to him as he felt her accept him until their hot, sweating bodies had fully mated with each other. "I want Lucy to have that, first, especially if you'll let Simon and I peek in through the curtain of her bedroom." "Yes, darling," the man whispered, nuzzling her hair and running his fingers over the baby-soft skin of the child's bare back, "you and Simon can lie with us, if you want. If we're completely open with each other, since this is the new way, I guess they call it Free Spirit, then my theory is all of us will be less likely to take any interest in other partners, your mother and Ned Borman, included, which, with ten percent luck, should get us through the next few year as well as any other alternative I can think of, and, maybe, with eleven percent luck, better." lolipop cartoons xxx "I just want John to cum in my mouth, once," the girl responded, "other than that it's homework, normal stuff, you, my luscious and possibly nice sister, and my dead-wicked, keen, cool, cute, awesome, and even sometimes bright brother." "I'm glad your Christmas list has been completed so early in the year," Mike said. "You're going to lose out too," the girl said happily, "because I'm going to be saving my money for diapers for Lucy, rattles, bottles, and relics of romanticism too casually ignored when it comes to turning out a houseful of rug rats." "To say you've brought romance to this family, young lady," quoth her father, "is a little like saying the "Enola Gay" brought atoms to Japan." images lolicon free The eight year old laughed, then tensed. "Oh, dad," she whispered, "you're as beautiful as my brother, but even stronger." Gently they pushed away from each other, looking down between their sweating bodies. "Much stronger," she mused, watching the heavy flow of clotting, snow-white semen slicking them thickly and wetly. Sighing, the father and daughter collapsed against each other. In a few minutes they found the strength to help each other into the downstairs bathroom to wipe the heavy smearing from each other's loins, to dress, and to head to their respective bedrooms to rest, perchance to sleep. Mike Camden awoke at Ruthie's first touch. The clock radio showed eleven-thirty p.m. His daughter gently coaxed the man from beside his sleeping wife, and he followed her, wearing only briefs, which he stripped out of the moment he saw Simon holding a candle in the hall, naked and hugely erect, his eyes quizzing his father almost violently. Standing, his own penis hugely swollen, the man looked back at the boy, and from fear grew passion. "You're beautiful," the boy said to his father, and the pretty naked girl offered no argument. The males followed the female child, and they crossed the house to Lucy's bedroom door. Simon lit a third candle, and thus armed, Ruthie opened the door a crack and called gently into the room. lolicon nude models "I'm awake, Ruthie, come on in," came a soft voice from within. "Are you lying down?" the pixie asked. "Of course, silly, I'm in bed," the older girl laughed. "Stay there," her younger sister advised. "Okay," Lucy said, "what gives?" A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the sight of Mike and Simon, naked, flaking the eight year old girl, also naked, all holding candles, panties lolicon the males hugely erect, elicited only a barely audible, "Ohhh." Ruthie crossed by herself to Lucy's bed and sat at her sister's right shoulder. "I slipped Mom something to be sure she sleeps," the younger girl said, "but we're going to tell her when the time is right." "Ohhh," the older girl murmured again. "We're not going to a new calendar, or anything," Ruthie explained, "but from tonight on everything is going to be totally, absolutely different around this house. Mary is out, zero, Matt at long arm's length, probably also a puffed up balloon of hair and complexion, and not welcome." The eight year old went on to list a seemingly impossible list of don'ts for Lu, but only had to nod toward the doorway to assure her older sister that the reward for following the high road would surpass the loss of pizza and boys. In case the older girl didn't get the full picture, Ruthie stood facing her sister and held her candle at her waist. "Simon and Dad," she whispered as Lucy stared at the slick, slightly foamed white wetness of her little sister. "I'll get pregnant," we're the pretty girl's first coherent words as she gazed hotly back and forth between her pixie sister and the two tall males at her door, apparently awaiting her invitation to approach. This stimulated a long bout of whispering from the girl, but we'll let Mr. Hawthorne deal with twice-told tales and move on, only noting a look of wonder mixed with gentle nods, and, finally, a soft, inscrutable smile on the older sister's lively face as she nodded for her father and her brother to enter her bedroom. As the males stood at the foot of her bed, Ruthie peeled back the sheet and light blanket covering her sister. She'd been sleeping in a teddy a size to small and the baby-doll garment on the fully developed sixteen year old made both males swell obviously. Ruthie, staring loli petit model sex intently, unbuttoned the negligee, baring her older sister's full, lush breasts. As Lucy shrugged the top of, Ruthie moved beside her, pulling her panties down over her the teen's ankles, loli model petit then kneeling to stare down at her handiwork. Lucy's nipples were dark pink in the candlelight and swollen to the size of small strawberries. The older female reached for her staring sister's hands, guiding them to her breasts, and traced her own fingers tenderly over the eight year old's beautifully developed bare chest. Slowly, Lucy pulled her naked sister down to her, and the younger girl placed her candle on the headboard before being gently lower so her chest was against her big sisters. "Oh, Dad, she feels so beautiful," the younger girl said, her face approaching her sisters. "And I'm finally going to be kissed," she added in a happy whisper a second before her lips touched her sister's soft mouth. Simon moved in front of his tall, athletic father, reaching back and linking his finger's behind the powerful adults neck. Mike's hands found his blond child's slim waist, and roamed over the stretching boy's taut belly. "Don't masturbate me too much," the boy said as his father found his hard, jutting penis and began fondling him from behind, his left arm around Simon's smooth, boyish chest. russia nude loli "Tell me when to stop," Mike said as they watched Lucy's arms engulf her sister and squeeze the young instigator to her heaving breasts. For five minutes Mike stroked his young son, then Ruthie gently raised her head, whispering, "I love you," and, rolling off the girl, eased her from the bed to the carpet, then positioned the teenager so her arms were on the bed as she knelt beside it. Ruthie mounted her to lie on the older girl's back, her small hands going once again to the mature female's breasts. "Oh, Simon," she whispered, she feels so beautiful this way." As she said this she extended her hand to the thirteen year old. He approached, his jutting penis wetting and swelling again. She guided him to his knees behind his older sister, then positioned her naked body on his back so she could reach around his slim hips, find him, and guide him as he replaced her hands with his masculine one's on the older girl's high, jutting breasts. "Are you a virgin?" the younger sister asked. "Yes," the older girl replied, "but an athletic one." "Okay, but still be gentle with her," she whispered to her brother. She beckoned her father with her eyes, then coaxed the athletic man to lie on his back beside the bed, looking up at the children just above him as his little girl positioned herself on his free cp loli panting chest so she could look, too. Lucy, sensing the presence of her father and sister at her gothic loli hentai waist, spread her legs more widely, and the boy also raised up from his sister's back, having felt her fully with both hands, improving the view of the voyeurs on the bedroom floor. Simon's hands moved to the generous swell of Lucy's almost-adult hips and he became serious with her, flexing his long coltish legs and bucking his hips with carefully controlled urgency. Ruthie hissed at the sight, tensing in her father's strong arms as she watch Simon stroke gently and fully into her beautiful sister. The boy remained purposeful, his father amazed that he didn't crash to the ground, now mounting the girl fully each time his slim hips thrust to her. "Oh, Dad, he's beautiful," Lucy moaned. "You don't know the half of it," the voyeur thought to himself as he watched his handsome son pulling the female urgently to his thrusting hips. Ruthie instantly sensed the change in the rhythm of the incestuous couple, and, Ruthie being Ruthie, scrambled from her father's heaving chest and down onto the carpet, sliding half under the bed so he